World of Animals –What's it Called?
(Currently available for iPAD)

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World of Animals –What's it Called? transforms learning about the animal kingdom into a fun and exciting game with animations, sounds, and rewards.

Using a multiple-choice format, children will learn interesting and fun information for more than 150 animals from all over the world.

While exploring World of Animals –What's it Called? children can discover where animals live, hear the sounds they make, learn fun facts, and even move the animals around their environment.

World of Animals –What's it Called? comes with two free categories: Pets and Jungle Animals. Want to learn even more? You can purchase another 10 categories, one at a time, or as a whole.

      Learn about animals and their names:
      • Where did the word hamster come from?
      • What is a baby swan called?
      • What is a male antelope called?
      • Where is a female shark called?
      • What is a group of tigers called?

      Hear the sounds the animals make:
      Click the sound words to hear the sounds

All text displayed is also voiced in a charming child's voice; helpful for those who can't read, or are learning to read and may struggle with some of the more technical words.

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World of Animals –What's it Called? is rated for ages 3 and up.

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